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Hemp oil cream 4 floz

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Cream rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids,esoecially linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid,helps in cases of itching,allergies,eczema and various skin problems.prevents acne .With analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties,helps in relieving rheumatic pain,neuralgia,migraines or shock.Can be used for the treatment of arthritis,muscle spasms and skin diseases like psoriasis;also it  acts as  a great healing balm,improving the  healing of injuries such as curts and burns.counteract the dilation of  veins,relieving  pain caused by  varicose veins.Has a highty moisturizing and firming properties,which promotes the skin regeneration for those who have gone through chemotherapy processes......-Apply a small amount of the Hemp oil cream into the affected area.you will feel the effects immediately Appy as often as needed.

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